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Garden Grove Education Association
President: Tina Gustin-Gurney, Electronic AdNotes – May 11, 2018
12966 Euclid Street #100, Garden Grove (714) 638-7480


GGEA is an association of educators who advocate
for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve.

Join GGEA President at School Board mtgs. 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Next Mtgs: May 15th, 7:00pm, 5th Floor
Come and support GGEA!

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Wear your GGEA BLUE on Tuesdays to show your GGEA PRIDE!

Bargaining Information

Thank you to all of our reps who attended the Segment Meeting on May 8.  We shared a power point that explained the importance of an "ON" schedule raise for all of our members as well as what a 1.56% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) means.  Please be sure to talk with your reps to get the full report. Our bargaining team is working diligently to gather information to help us as we move to mediation during this impasse.

GGEA would like to thank our fellow local union, GGPPSA, and their psychologists, counselors, speech pathologists and audiologists for voicing their support during this impasse.

Congratulations to Our Newly Elected Members
  Thank you to our members who recently voted! We appreciate your voice in choosing GGEA Leadership.  Here are the winners that will be ratified at Rep Council: President: Kelly Nolan, First Vice President: Debi Coleman, Secretary: Rebecca Koopowitz, High School Segment Director: Sarah Chau-Lee, Intermediate Segment Director: Mark Sanchez, Elementary Segment Director: Karyn Lui-Silverberg, CTA State Council Delegate: Claire Erikson.  We have one more opening for Elementary Segment Director.  If you are interested in being a part of GGEA leadership,  please contact GGEA for more information.  
Congratulations to GGEA WHO Winners
  CTA Orange Service Center had their "We Honor Ours" celebration on May 9.  Michael Greer, William Gutaskus and Tina Gustin-Gurney were honored as local GGEA recipients.  President Tina Gustin-Gurney was also honored by Orange Service Center for the State WHO award. Congratulations to our wonderful GGEA advocates! See photos on our GGEA Facebook page.  
Final Evaluation

By now everyone should have had a final evaluation conference.  If you received an unsatisfactory evaluation, call Tina at GGEA.

Give NEA Your Input

More than 4,000 of your colleagues have taken this important step to help identify their school's top needs, and guide where the NEA should focus its support.

What are their top needs?

  1. Class sizes that allow for one-on-one attention
  2. Active community involvement
  3. Staff that has the time to collaborate

Voice your opinion here:

Upcoming Events
Charter School Documentary

Save the date: Tuesday, May 29 3:15-5:00 to watch the documentary "Backpack Full of Cash" narrated by Matt Damon.  It explores the charter school movement across the nation.  GGUSD and GGEA are co-sponsoring this event and will be sending out more information soon.

Retirement Tribute
  If you are retiring this year or you want to celebrate your member who is retiring, join us at our Annual Retirement Tribute on Thursday, June 7 at the Garden Grove Community Center as we send our members off on their next adventure! Please contact Susan Kaylor at GGEA at if you will be attending and especially if you are retiring.  
  GGEA will have a workshop to help with stress and reducing stress in your classroom on Thursday, May 17.  See here for more info Mindfullness  
Color Code Classroom
  GGEA will have a workshop about building relationships to help with classroom management on Thursday, May 24.  Go to Building Relationships for more info.  
  GGEA Budget  
  Reps were given the proposed budget for GGEA for the next school year.  Please be sure to ask your rep to see it or take a look on your GGEA bulletin board as reps were asked to post the budget.  We will be voting on this budget at our final Rep Council meeting on May 22.  Your input is invaluable.  
  Please VOTE in the June Primary! Our Public Schools need your voice!  

The June primary election is very important and could affect the charter school invasion of our public schools. Two candidates are running for the OCDE Board of Education. They have been endorsed by the teachers in OC. See here for more info OCDE Board. Check out your zip code to see if you are in their area. There is also an important race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The CTA Endorsed candidate is Tony Thurmond. The other candidate worked for Green Dot Charter schools. To read more click here Tony Thurmond. Check out these websites as well:

We need our teachers to vote in June!!!!

Janus vs. AFSCME

The Janus case was argued before the Supreme Court in February. To learn more about this case that could affect our collective bargaining, go to and view the Janus power point.

Save Money!
  By being a member of GGEA, you are also a member of CTA and NEA. Both organizations have membership benefits that allow you to get discounts. You can save enough money to equal what you spend in dues! Go to and you can download the app. Or go to for national savings.  
Attorney available at GGEA Offices
  GGEA provides our members with the opportunity to meet with an attorney for 30 minutes about non-job related issues free of charge. This is on a first come, first served basis. Please call the GGEA office if you wish to schedule an appointment.  
Join the GGEA Facebook Page
  To join, Facebook members search for "Garden Grove Education Association" and ask to join the group. This is a great way to get up to date information. Allow our administrators 24-48 hours to accept your request. If you are concerned about privacy, please make sure your own Facebook page has privacy settings adjusted before joining GGEA Facebook.  

Together Everyone Achieves More

Contact Information:GGEA President: Tina Gustin-Gurney phone: 714-638-7480
fax: 714-638-9167
email: President-
    Executive Director – Armon Akerboom –
    Associate Staff Membership – Susan Kaylor –
    Associate Staff Reception – Jenny Gonzalez –

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Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."

Our Mission Statement:
"GGEA is an association of educators who advocate for the well-being of our membership and the students we serve."